Entertaining Youtube Videos by Appcelerator from ZendCon 08

Yes, I read the Zend Newsletter because usually I find something new in it. This issue was no disappointment as they featured some videos put together by Appcelerator, a sponsor at ZendCon 08. They interviewed attendees in a series of 4 topics: Developers LOVE PHP, PHP Developer Gripes, Developers HATE PHP, and The Best PHP Applications.

So the Appcelerator plug obviously poses the question What is Appcelerator? Although I haven't spent too much time on their site, my first thought was ugh, proprietary markup and server-side libraries, but one feature that is actually quite interesting is their widget framework which is JavaScript based and wraps multiple 3rd party widget providers like Yahoo YUI and ExtJS.

Hmmm ... not sold yet but I'm definitely going to give this a closer look.

With no shame I'll embed them just as they were linked from the Zend newsletter.

Developers LOVE PHP

PHP Developer Gripes

Developers HATE PHP

The Best PHP Applications