Spokeo a Spam Source?

About a week ago my sister sent an email out to her family and friends because she was surprised to see her name and former address listed on www.spokeo.com. She advised everyone to de-list their info.

I searched for my name and found normal info that would be public record. I wasn't too alarmed by this and didn't proceed to attempt to de-list my information.

Today however, I was wondering what it took to de-list your name. More specifically, I was wondering if they request email addresses.

How valuable would this be, not only to have a valid email address associated with names and locations, but also the value in validating the record they have on file. I mean someone most likely would not want to de-list their name if the info wasn't accurate right?

They have the form to remove your listing right on their privacy page along with a link that explains why you have to provide your email address. They say it's to prevent abuse of this feature, and while possibly true, I suspect a more sinister motive.

I sent an email to my sister today explaining my suspicion and asked her to let me know if she receives any spam with her name in it. Not 10 minutes later I got a call .... "You're right!".

Days after submitting that form, she started getting "work from home" spam with her name in it.