Configuring SSL Certificates on Rackspace Cloud Load Balancer

There is plenty of information on configuring SSL termination on Rackspace Load Balancers but it might be easy to stumble on setting up the intermediate certificate.

If you have the intermediate certificate configured wrong, you may see a big ugly "untrusted certificate" error in a browser like Firefox.

There are 3 fields to add a certificate to the load balancer: Certificate, Private Key, and Intermediate Certificate.

Play an mp3 on a BeagleBone Black Board

Playing an mp3 on a BeagleBone Black Board is easy with a USB audio adapter. The software to play an MP3 (mplayer) is included in the standard Angstrom release.

I plugged in a Logitech A-5572A USB audio adapter and it was detected automatically on boot.

To view audio devices, run aplay -L from the command line. It should look something like this:

Install Go on Raspbian

A `golang` package exists, but if you would like to install the latest (currently 1.2), you will need to download the source and compile it.

Note: I used Dave Cheney's post as a guide and I highly recommend you read that for additional notes. I am posting this version with subtle differences to document what worked for me.

This was all done on a fresh Raspbian image loaded onto a 16GB SD Card.

1. Configure Raspbian

Installing the Latest XDebug on OSX

Installing or updating XDebug is not that difficult. The title indicates it's for OSX, but this should work pretty much the same on any Linux system running apache.

The first thing to do is backup your existing '' file if you have it installed already. If this ends up not working out for some reason, you can always copy it back. If you're unsure where it is installed, search your php.ini file for "xdebug". The absolute path to the file should be defined in the 'zend_extension' setting.

iPython auto reload

When debugging interactively in an iPython terminal, it's possible to have your module code automatically reload when a file is updated.

All you need to do is run these 2 commands in the iPython terminal.

%load_ext autoreload
%autoreload 2