Rust Gets It: Project Education & Coaching

I don't get excited about a lot of talks, and even less by non-engineering talks, but by the middle of this one I was ready to nominate Susan Rust for president! I didn't catch the talk at Drupalcon Portland, but I did see this session presented at QuaDrupal, a Drupal event hosted by Qualcomm.

AngularJS: Managing active nav elements

The header and footer of an application are typically outside the scope of the content or controller you're working on. This makes managing the navigation state a little more challenging. In my case, managing navigation state is simply applying an active class to a particular element.

Take the markup below for example. ng-view is the area my content controller is generating content. The problem is that when I invoke #/view1, the primary navigation is outside the scope of the view1 controller.

Install Docker on Linode (Ubuntu 12.04)

When installing Docker on a Linode instance, you need make a couple Linode config changes to install and use the stock Ubuntu 12.04 Kernel.

Thanks to ysimonson for posting the information here. I wanted to document the whole process in a single place, and fill in a couple gaps.

The steps to install the default kernel are all listed below, but here is the official Linode documentation on the process.

How To Install PHP GMP on Mac OSX 10.3.7

I wanted do some number crunching with the GNU MP Libarary on my Macbook, but it wasn't available by default.

Installation was pretty simple though.

1) Run php --version to check what version of PHP you have.

2) Download that version of PHP somewhere on your system.

3) phpize & compile it

# cd php-5.3.15/ext/gmp
# phpize
# ./configure
# make
# make install

4) Add the following to your php.ini